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Take Action with the GET UP Project: Grassroots Economics Training for Understanding and Power

Why is poverty on the rise? The GET UP Project provides some answers. The GET UP Project works to arm activists and organizers with the knowledge, tools and skills to articulate an alternative economics that works for the 99% instead of the elites that dominate our society and our politics.

The GET UP Project equips activists to better organize around economic issues and present and defend alternative models that challenge the dominant ideology of the 1%

Our aim is to ensure that grassroots activists can articulate, in an accessible manner, basic principles which emphasize a high-wage productive economy that works for the 99% instead of the low-wage, race-to-the-bottom neoliberal economy characterized by deregulation, tax-cutting, privatization and de-unionization.

The GET UP Project prepare training materials, organizes trainings for activists and potential trainers and mentors its graduates as they work to train new activists. We work with individuals and organizations to achieve these goals.

Download our brochures to learn more:

GET UP Overview

Higher Education GET UP


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